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The Business-20 Summit gathers leaders from the private sector under the idea that we have an important role to play in rebuilding trust and helping to address key global issues. Today's challenges are too large, too complex, and too interrelated to be solved by governments--even by those belonging to the G20--alone. We all have to do our part.

It is with this spirit that we have approached the B20.

In preparation for the B20 Summit, selected global companies’ leaders, representatives of business organizations and world-recognized experts from 29 nations have collaborated to generate recommendations on seven topics, defined based on their relevance in the current global context.

The proposed actions include commitments from business leaders as well as proposals for joint public-private sector initiatives, aimed at addressing the world’s most pressing challenges for sustainable and inclusive growth.

As part of the process, the recommendations have been discussed with government leaders and liaisons from the G20 process, in order to insure their relevance and facilitate consensus building.

In addition, we have developed a breakthrough "Advocacy and Impact Taskforce," whose task is to ensure that the recommendations resonate across countries and are carried forward from one year to another.

Our hope is that, through the recommendations we have developed and the public and private actions that will follow in the months to come, we will have made a concrete contribution to rebuilding trust in the global economy and improving the state of the world at this critical time.

Alejandro Ramírez.

CEO, Cinépolis®

Chair of the B20

Alejandro Ramírez